Daniel Alvarez Racing
2014 PTC's Summer Automotive Camp
It is always an honor to attend the Piedmont Technical College Summer Automotive Camp
. This is were I got my start and having the opportunity to speak to these kids just makes my day. If I can inspire them to go after their dreams and make it happen like I did, then my effort has been successful. 6-23-14

Daniel Alvarez Racing wants to officially welcome its  newest sponsor 
E3 Spark Plugs  
to the
2014 NASCAR Whelen
All-American Racing Series
I also want to give a very special Thank You to all of my facebook friends that vote for video.
 This could not have happened without you.
Winning the E3 Spark Plug video contest was very special to  me and my race team. We hope to make 2014 a winning season for both us.

The opportunity to be with Jack Roper and Megan Heidlberg this morning on their show was really cool. Mrs. Silvia Porter, Track Promoter for AMS and I were guest on the Your Carolina morning show getting the word out about the start of the 2014 racing  season and AMS getting their NASCAR sanction. I think the best part was holding the bear cube.

UPSIDE DOWN & BACKWARDS is not the way to start the 2014 racing season.
Just 10 laps into the first race of the season at Anderson Motor Speedway in SC, I was pinched into the wall so hard at the exit of turn 2 it caused the car to climb the back stretch wall, bounce off the advertising billboards, land on its roof, slide the length of the back stretch upside down and stop at the entrance to turn #3.
Thank God for good safety equipment and yes I walked away.
It was really torn up with lots of damage to the suspension and body. We just finished hanging the new body with the new color wrap and color scheme. It happened so fast there was no time to be scared or react. Note to self. "Take off helmet before  unbuckling seat belt."
Back to the drawing board.
Thank you to all those who helped get the #33 Ford Fusion back on the track in record time. I guess I am know an exclusive member of the Rollover Club.